Core Value Number Thirteen

Core Value Number Thirteen

As this year comes to a close, I have been reflecting on the privilege of being a part of a company that truly aligns very important things. In addition to working for a higher cause (in digital development we call it “developing with purpose”), we also esteem our culture and our core values.

Developing With Purpose
Seems like in tech, the distance between projects, code and customers means it’s often hard to know that we are really affecting someone’s life for the better—that we’re truly changing their life and the lives of their loved ones. It seems surreal. But let me assure you, friend, it is real—this exists here on Dave Ramsey’s team. You can see this daily here and in looking at more than 2 million families across twenty years and more than $20 billion in debt paid off.

Yes, this is work that matters.

Since starting as Senior Director for Business to Church Digital Development, I am consistently reminded about the difference between work and work that matters. That tangible and life-changing difference is an enabler and motivator on the days where you have to lean forward.

Make Great Decisions
Great businesses are the result of great decisions. Principled forethought ensures that as decisions have to be made, the values of the business guide the process of decision making. Guideposts—those things that act as markers pointing the way toward the best decision possible—are part of that process. On Dave Ramsey’s team, we reflect these guideposts as our core values.

Our core values dictate our conduct, behavior and the things we will be intentional about. We have those core values printed on the walls throughout our buildings in halls, stairwells and lobbies. It’s a great way to bring our core values into our everyday conversations.

Core Value #13: QBQ
Part of our culture includes a small library of reading materials for our new team members so that in the first ninety days, they receive help understanding our culture, how we think, and how we love well. One of these books is QBQ! The Question Behind the Question by John G. Miller. The premise is to know what to really ask yourself to eliminate blame, victim thinking, complaining and procrastination.

We are all owners in Dave Ramsey. We participate in profit sharing and we’re all responsible for the curation and maturing of our culture, When we QBQ something, we are taking ownership and responsibility. This is not an excuse to do someone’s job for him or her, or to take authority out of place to an end result. QBQ means we embrace personal accountability and reflect that in our conduct with shared ownership behavior. And this is only one of fifteen core values—all unique, all challenging, and all helping us to drive forward together.

We Are Looking for You
We are hiring nearly fifty developers in 2015. Our team offers work that matters, fantastic teammates, exciting futures and amazing opportunities for personal and professional growth! Check this out and share with your friends too. Come join our team!

  • Mark Morrison

    After working here for almost ten years, it always excites to see the new team members come on board and get the passion. Great write up Mark! Love seeing our values come alive in you.

  • Michael Garland

    QBQ is one of my favorite Core Values. Responsibility is one of my top 5 Strengths (according to Strengthsfinder) so I am a natural QBQer. Doing work that matters for a company that values personal responsibility as much as I do is such a blessing.

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