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Benefits of the Unnatural

Recently, I spoke at a local meet-up group about a technical topic I had some experience with. I had done this several times before, so it wasn’t a huge deal for me. However, I am far from a natural speaker, and I am still working to become a better presenter. Presenting is not a natural […] 

What We Would Tell Kanye

What We Would Tell Kanye

I’m sure you’ve heard the buzz around one of Kanye West’s recent tweets that he has $53 million in personal debt, despite a reported annual income of $18 million a year and a net worth of $120 million. He’s received quite a bit of criticism, so here at Ramsey Solutions, we would like to offer […] 

Big Data, Murky Waters

deep dank murky lake unorganized data will make pray nothing shall break This is the philosophy a lot of organizations take when implementing their big data platform. It’s easy to say, “I’ll just dump all the data in the lake and worry about getting it out later.” While it’s true the lake is meant for […] 

A Step Beyond the Style Guide

Lately, there has been a lot of talk about Style Guide and Pattern libraries. These tools allow teams to have a point of reference for the style elements (fonts, buttons, etc.) of the project being built. While these are great, there is an extra step that I am seeing some teams make that seem just […] 

New Team Members in 2015

2015 was quite the year. Ramsey Solutions brought on over 150 new team members and had several huge product launches that far exceeded our expectations. Our environment is so collaborative and fast-paced that it was fun to watch all these newbies hit the gates running and make a profound difference so fast. Say hello to […] 

Paying It Forward

Paying It Forward

In my 15 months at Ramsey Solutions, I’ve seen some pretty incredible life transformations—not only for our customers, but also for our team members. There has been quite a buzz the last few weeks after our company Christmas party. Many people are aware that each team member received a $900 shopping spree to Target and […] 

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