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3 Takeaways From Nodevember

3 Takeaways From Nodevember

This past weekend, several of our developers attended Nashville’s own conference dedicated to JavaScript and node development, appropriately named “Nodevember.” This was only my second development conference and my first focused around JavaScript. The event was a blast. After all of the talks I attended and new things I learned, I left Nodevember with three […] 

Is It Time to Quit Your Job?

Warning: If you are reading this on a Monday morning after a three-day holiday weekend, just bookmark the page and come back later; I promise nothing good will come out of the title of this article! Over the years, I’ve come to realize people quit their jobs for all kinds of reasons: • Their cube […] 

Congratulations, EveryDollar!

Congratulations, EveryDollar!

After launching on March 23, 2015, our 500,000th user signed up to use our free budgeting software! Congratulations, EveryDollar team! Have you signed up yet?  

Why We Love Ruby on Rails

A few years ago, Ramsey Solutions migrated from ColdFusion to Ruby on Rails, and we are now one of the largest Ruby shops in Nashville. What have we found? One major plus is having a vibrant community with many quality open-source projects. Other companies such as Twitter, Hulu, Groupon, Bleacher Report, Shopify and Square also […] 

Happy Memorial Day

Hope you all are enjoying your time off and hopefully lots of time with your family. I know we are! Happy Memorial Day!  

Subversion Branch Management

If you’re just starting out with SVN, chances are you use the “just-throw-everything-on-trunk” method which will eventually lead to some, “Who broke staging again!?!?!” moments. I was introduced to the world of SVN branching via a large code rewrite effecting… pretty much our entire codebase. Through that experience, I realized the benefits (and the hardships) […] 

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