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More Baby Steps: Implementing Accessibility, Part II

This post is part of a series on accessible design. The previous post covered two easy steps to make your website more accessible. It’s very easy to relegate accessibility to dealing with blind users. And while it is extremely important to make sure that your site is navigable by a screen reader, that’s not the […] 

Baby Steps: Implementing Accessibility

In my first post, I talked about web accessibility and why it matters. This time I’d like to talk about an obstacle designers and developers face with web accessibility: knowing where to start with implementation. Accessibility is a big job, and it can seem overwhelming. Here at Lampo we’re all about Baby Steps, so that’s […] 

Building the Web That Works for Everyone*

Building the Web That Works for Everyone*

There are a lot of misconceptions about what accessibility means for the web—impossible standards, annoying evaluations, a black hole that chews up valuable development time and so on. Unfortunately, without guidance, these misconceptions can become a reality for your business. However, in my experience, the key to accessibility is simply education. With that in mind, […] 

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