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Semper Gumby

Semper Gumby

Have you ever had one of those days where your game plan is set and you are feeling good, ready to tackle your to-do list, dominate your domain, whatever that may be? I think we’ve all been there, standing at the starting line of our days looking across our vast expanse of opportunity and smiling. […] 

Investing In ColdFusion

If you listen to Dave Ramsey at all, you know he’s all about wise investing. The daveramsey.com development team has made a significant investment in a new RESTful service layer. We’ve invested time in building it so that our site can continue to scale and grow to reach millions more with the message of Financial […] 

The Sweet Java Topology Suite – Part II

In a previous post, we described how we started using the Java Topology Suite (JTS) to manipulate postal/zip code polygons that we are viewing in an application built on MapQuest’s Flex API. Since then, we have added the ability to join multiple postal codes into territories. Sometimes over 1,000 postal code polygons will be combined […] 

BFusion + BFlex ’08

This September 6-7 a group of us attended the BFusion + BFlex ’08 conference in Bloomington, IN.  This was a free ColdFusion and Flex hands-on conference sponsored by Adobe, Indiana University, other business and local user groups. Day One – BFusion For BFusion, I participated in the Advanced ColdFusion track.  There were some great sessions, […] 

Flex, ColdFusion, Java, and BlazeDS: with JSON?

We are building a sizable new Flex-based mapping application to support our internal Endorsed Local Provider program. We are passing a significant amount of data between Flex and ColdFusion. So, we architected a service layer that exposes the interface between Flex and CF, and are using BlazeDS to allow us to link Java-based data transfer […] 

Java Topology Suite — Sweet!

We have been building a sophisticated mapping application in Adobe Flex that enables our internal advisors for Endorsed Local Providers (ELPs) to visualize the regions that our partners cover throughout the country. We’re using MapQuest’s Enterprise API, which has a pretty robust ActionScript 3 library along with a nice Java library. We wanted to be […] 

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