A Step Beyond the Style Guide

Lately, there has been a lot of talk about Style Guide and Pattern libraries. These tools allow teams to have a point of reference for the style elements (fonts, buttons, etc.) of the project being built. While these are great, there is an extra step that I am seeing some teams make that seem just […] 

Growing Developers

Growing Developers

The growth roadmap for a developer can vary from person to person. Unfortunately experience isn’t always a good indicator of talent or ability. “Do you have 20 years experience or do you have the same 1 year of experience twenty times?” –Scott Hanselman from I know apps How do we stretch beyond the same one […] 

How to Build a Web (abridged)

How to Build a Web (abridged)

First off, I’ll just concede that I’m weird; I enjoy reading specifications. If you’re like me, this post isn’t for you. I’ll see you at our annual convention. (If you get there first, please reserve a four-topper for the rest of us.) If you’re not like me–if you do not enjoy reading specifications–this post is for you. […] 

5 Coding Tricks I Learned This Year

As a generally interested person, I really enjoy the many opportunities programming gives me to learn new things. For example, here are a few of the things I’ve learned so far this year: 1. [Ruby] ‘\\’ is faster than ‘+’ for splitting strings across lines I came across a neat trick while reviewing some code for […] 

Software Lessons From a Bike

Software Lessons From a Bike

Chris is a teammate of mine here at Dave Ramsey’s company, and he’s a great web developer. He’s also quite the master mechanic. Recently he was telling me about an interesting feat of engineering he encountered while working on the starter on his 1983 Yamaha Virago. You see, the engineers of the starter for this […] 

Implementing Modular Web Design: Part 2 – How?

Implementing Modular Web Design: Part 2 – How?

Modular Web Design by Nathan Curtis and Web Anatomy: Interaction Design Frameworks that Work by Robert Hoekman Jr. and Jared Spool are great resources for UX developers. They focus on the theory, philosophy and process of designing modularly. Unfortunately, these books don’t go into any detail about how to actually implement, in code, a modular […] 

Automated testing and dynamic ID’s

How can you select an element whose ID is dynamically generated? Here is an xpath to select an element by a corresponding label element's "for" attribute. //select[@id=//label[text()='Product']/@for]  

Independence Delay

W3C announced today the end of the XHTML 2 working group charter.  It has long been apparent that HTML 5 would become a reality, much to my chagrin, but I had hoped deep down that XHTML2 would not die.  You see, HTML 5 is a great tactical move to progress HTML making multimedia easier (among […] 

Plan your escape

URL encoding is not character/entity encoding. This should go without saying, but I frequently see this confused by experienced developers, especially when working with dynamic/loosely typed languages. URL encoding is for URLs (URIs to be more generic).  The only time to URL-encode a string is when it is part of a URL.  JavaScript provides encodeURI(), […] 

Good times with the cfhtmlhead tag

So for my first post, I’m going with something simple. For all you die hard ColdFusion gurus this is likely routine. But for anyone fairly new to ColdFusion, being aware of the cfhtmlhead tag is pretty handy. This is especially true if you are doing maintenance on a fairly substantial ColdFusion site … like me. […] 

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