Making Coldfusion sensitive to your (JSON) case

I inadvertently discovered that, contrary to popular belief and my own past experiences, ColdFusion can honor your variables’ case when using the built-in SerializeJSON. First, the simple approach, which fails to produce most obvious results. <cfscript> map = {}; map.someNumber = 4; map.someString = "Hello JSON"; </cfscript> <cfoutput> #SerializeJSON( map )# <cfoutput> This produces the […] 

More ColdFusion Testing Woes With Java Objects

Once again, my team is currently working on a Flex-based mapping application and I’m working on the back-end using ColdFusion to grab the data from our SQL server, package it in a Java based data transfer object (DTO), and send it to the requesting Flex app. Another minor glitch I ran into while trying to […] 

Flex, ColdFusion, Java, and BlazeDS: with JSON?

We are building a sizable new Flex-based mapping application to support our internal Endorsed Local Provider program. We are passing a significant amount of data between Flex and ColdFusion. So, we architected a service layer that exposes the interface between Flex and CF, and are using BlazeDS to allow us to link Java-based data transfer […] 

Simple SOA with Ajax & ColdFusion Kickoff

We are building a small new tool for our Endorsed Local Provider (ELP) advisors using Ajax techniques on the client with a service-oriented backend. One developer will build the client-side with Prototype classes, and another will build the backend on our existing ColdFusion application servers. We’ll use CFJSON to easily package data for both environments. […] 

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