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FPU Class Finder Geo-Mapping

FPU Class Finder Geo-Mapping

As part of the Financial Peace University web development team, I can tell you we’re very passionate about helping our users connect with the right FPU class in their area.  One way we’ve been using technology to improve this is through the use of Google Maps and GeoIP technology. Over the last year or so, […] 

Polygon creation and use with MapQuest API*

Polygon creation and use with MapQuest API*

(*Note: We started with version 5.3 and are currently running 6.0.) Back in 2008 we were using some desktop mapping software to help our business team understand what areas they were covering. But like so many other companies, we had issues with outdated data and lack of mapping integration. We were exporting and importing information […] 

Custom Dynamic POIs in Flex 3.5 & MapQuest API

In English what I want to do is bring in the image as a class, turn it into a Bitmap then get the Bitmap-Data out of it. Call Merge on Bitmap data and pass in the proper information and get back some new Bitmap data. We will then turn that into a Bitmap […] 

Zooming like a pro with MapQuests AS3 api!

Setting up MapQuest project to zoom into a location while leaving that location in the relative position for the user.  

The Sweet Java Topology Suite – Part II

In a previous post, we described how we started using the Java Topology Suite (JTS) to manipulate postal/zip code polygons that we are viewing in an application built on MapQuest’s Flex API. Since then, we have added the ability to join multiple postal codes into territories. Sometimes over 1,000 postal code polygons will be combined […] 

Java Topology Suite — Sweet!

We have been building a sophisticated mapping application in Adobe Flex that enables our internal advisors for Endorsed Local Providers (ELPs) to visualize the regions that our partners cover throughout the country. We’re using MapQuest’s Enterprise API, which has a pretty robust ActionScript 3 library along with a nice Java library. We wanted to be […] 

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