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A Step Beyond the Style Guide

Lately, there has been a lot of talk about Style Guide and Pattern libraries. These tools allow teams to have a point of reference for the style elements (fonts, buttons, etc.) of the project being built. While these are great, there is an extra step that I am seeing some teams make that seem just […] 

New Salesforce Debug Log Option

There are some new options for Debug Logs in Salesforce with the Winter 16 release. You are now able to set specific log levels and start and stop times. The start and stop times might be an issue if you aren’t seeing any logs. The initial duration they get set to is very short. You […] 

Team Ownership of Quality

Team Ownership of Quality

We have a few Agile teams here at Ramsey Solutions. The best thing about these Agile teams is that people from many disciplines come together to work toward a common goal. It isn’t uncommon to have development, creative, UX, quality assurance, product ownership and marketing sitting around a table, figuring things out together. This process […] 

What I Learned From Hack TN 7

What I Learned From Hack TN 7

A few weeks ago I went to my first Hackathon, Hack Tennessee 7. Aside from writing code, I had no idea what to expect before getting there. On Friday night I arrived at Track One, where electronic dance music was emanating from the warehouse. During check-in, they gave everyone a bunch of free stuff including […] 

Creating a Sass Theme Engine

Creating a Sass Theme Engine

Late last year, I was working on a project that required some elements of the page to be “theme-able” to match different live events being represented. Some background colors on containers needed to be changed and icons in certain contexts should be changeable as well. This could get out of hand quickly, as I needed […] 

Tooling Around

Every once in a while, I spend some time looking at the software tools I use daily. I enjoy tinkering, so looking at alternate tools or tweaking my current ones is a fun way to spend some downtime. Sometimes it’s a waste of time, but more often than not, I come away with a change […] 

Three Developer Lessons with Smart Money Smart Kids

Three Developer Lessons with Smart Money Smart Kids

I am blessed with the opportunity to work with great people every day—product owners, developers, creative, marketing, video production, copywriting (the list goes on and on). It’s one thing to have purposeful work and another to work with great people. I am thankful for both. Rachel Cruze is a #1 New York Times best-selling author […] 

5 Tips for New Web Developers

I’m a new developer with Ramsey Solutions and a recent graduate of the Nashville Software School . I learned lots of great stuff about developing at NSS, and that was where I really fell in love with it. For those who are getting started, here are a few tips. 1. Be patient with yourself. All […] 

Tag Management Gives Our Web Analytics Room to Grow

As the number of sites and platforms supported by our team has grown, Adobe’s Dynamic Tag Management tool has helped our web analytics integration keep up with the pace. We’ve been using Adobe Analytics (formerly Omniture SiteCatalyst) since 2007 to help us better understand how customers are using our web-based properties. When we first integrated with […] 

Clicky: A Eulogy

Like an athlete struck down in the prime of life, my keyboard died a painful death last Friday. It was a fantastic Das Keyboard Model S Professional that I had used for almost four years. It was cold and dry last week, and taking off my fleece-lined coat while wearing a sweater resulted in a […] 

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