Tech Stack

At Dave’s organization, application development originally began within individual business units, starting life as simple, separate ColdFusion applications. As the business units grew, the applications also grew. They leveraged shared technology, common components and the Mach-II framework, and they now embody millions of lines of code representing a collection of sites, applications and capabilities.

Today, our technology stack is being expanded to utilize a responsive presentation tier and a service-oriented architecture. The application tier is taking advantage of the flexibility and power of Ruby on Rails while our services are designed to be blisteringly fast written in Java with world-class frameworks like Spring and Hibernate. These are RESTful services and communicate via JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) to allow for platform independence.

The shared services and components are pooled together and referred to as Nicodemus. The Nicodemus charge is “to combine the most common features into one platform.” This ranges from drop-in components that are utilized in hundreds of locations to our robust shared services. We’re constantly expanding and growing our platform to meet the needs of our businesses, and most importantly, the needs of our customers!

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